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Every construction should be preceded by competent advice.

At the start of every building project there is comprehensive and relevant consultation. Only this can guarantee a successful and effective result upon completion. Here our clients can count on our expertise and many years of experience. BEUCON assists you with competent advice and sound expertise in all project phases. As well as this we are available for discussion and development of energy restructuring concepts, their implementation and the preparation of energy certificates.

An individual energy consultation is the base for energy modernisation and renovation measures such as the insulation of basement ceilings or façades, the renewal of heating units or the addition of solar or photovoltaic systems. With the development of a modernisation concept that is specially matched to your needs we can demonstrate how the measures can lower the energy demands of the building and improve the indoor climate.

For new buildings an energy consultation can also be very interesting, as we can show you an objective and manufacturer-independent summary of the various heating technologies which are available, their application and any possible advantages or disadvantages.

As well as this we advise and can develop your applications for all energy building measures via support programmes for financing by the KfW bank (Reconstruction Loan Corporation) and other public institutions.

The application and use of renewable energies not only contributes to environmental protection but is now an integral part of any forward-looking architecture. Important factors for the expansion and usage of renewable energies are limited supply of the current predominantly used fossil fuels as well as climate protection efforts and clear financial advantages, such as e.g. lower energy costs in the future. We are by your side for the following projects, with sound expertise and many years of experience: 

  1. Photovoltaic
  2. Solar thermal energy
  3. Biomass
  4. Wind energy
  5. Thermal power stations
  6. Heat pumps
  7. Hydropower

Energy certificates are documents which evaluate the energy efficiency of a building. The data in the energy certificates either relate to the entire residential building or to a part of it. General information about the property, such as the address of the object, the year of construction etc. is included in the energy certificate. As well as this detailed information about the energy condition of the building or ways to improve the energy efficiency is given. For the potential buyer, renter, tenant or lessee of a developed property, apartment or section property a great deal of the operating costs that can be expected are thus represented through the submission of an energy certificate.

We have all the competencies required to carry out applications, certification and exemptions. We are qualified by the authorities and bodies stipulated by State Law in accordance with ZVEnEV § 2 Befreiungen ( to exempt from the required energy renovation measures, insofar as the requirements in the individual case lead to unreasonable hardship due to special circumstances, disproportionate expense or in another manner. For example, unreasonable hardship occurs if, with requirements of the existing building, the capital expenditure that is necessary will not be generated through the eventuating savings within a reasonable period of the service life of the building.

We develop tailor-made energy solutions for you. Whether it is for new buildings, modernisation or renovation measures - BEUCON designs your building project specifically for you. Sustainable buildings equipped with the most modern, reliable and energy efficient systems that are available on the market are a basic element for our building and energy concepts, as is profitability. 

  1. Single-family homes
  2. Apartment buildings
  3. Industrial buildings
  4. Office buildings
  5. Municipal buildings
  6. Energy consulting
  7. Energy certificate

- For residential buildings
- For non-residential buildings

Due to increasing energy prices the energy efficiency of real estate is becoming ever more important. The passive house counteracts increasing energy prices. It is a building standard that is efficient, comfortable, economic and ecological all at the same time! A passive house uses 95% less heating energy than the average existing building. Even when compared to the average new building more than 80% is saved. With a passive house above average heat recovery of the radiation heat from energy sources available inside, e.g. the body heat of the residents or solar heat, is achieved through special thermal insulation of the walls, windows and roof. A ventilation system continually ensures fresh and hygienic clean air without draughts. High surface temperatures with low temperature difference to the room temperature ensure an increase in thermal comfort and well-being. Due to the permanent ventilation the development of mould is eliminated.

Only structured and detailed planning in the run-up to all building projects ensures successful realisation.

We plan an individual solution for every requirement. Building plans, renovation and realisation of the project are the central task and content of our company. We develop future-oriented objects with consideration of all economic, ecological and functional parameters. The planning takes place in direct dialogue with clients and by taking into account all cost-relevant and building biology aspects. Comprehensive concept development, approval planning and construction management with constant presence on the construction site guarantee on-budget, expert and punctual realisation.

General planning includes all planning services, such as e.g. building planning, structural planning, survey and building analysis, building physics, energy-related building concepts and fire protection concepts. For you, as the client, there is thus a point of contact and contractual partner available where the entire organisation of your building project rests.

Object planning includes the planning and realisation of your building project. All work stages of the HOAI are carried out taking into account relevant aspects. Irrespective of whether it is a new building, renovation or extension, the design is always carried out by competent expert planners with the goal of creating a cost-effective planning process.

  1. Renovation planning
  2. Concrete maintenance

The structural planning, or in everyday language also called static, gives a building static stability and guarantees suitability for use over the entire service life. We always coordinate our structural planning solutions with the subsequent usage of the building: In the foreground are efficiency, robustness and also the option for later conversion. Equally the design specifications of the architecture is decisive and planned is done in accordance with these.

Qualified structural planning is of utmost important not only in the design of new buildings but also for maintenance works. Modernisation but also conversion - in many cases in compliance with the requirements for protection of historic buildings - represents great challenges for engineering. In inner city areas complex solutions are often required for the retaining structure of the excavation and underpinning of the neighbouring building.

We coordinate and realise fire protection planning in accordance with the respectively relevant building regulations for all types of new, special and existing buildings. Our team plans and issues fire protection certificates for all building classes. Amongst other things our fire protection planning also includes project-related fire protection concepts for special construction.

We can take over the construction supervision of your planned projects as well as the realisation of your own plans or those of other offices. Our services include the coordination of all parties concerned in the construction, construction management and local construction supervision, the quality monitoring and assurance, deadline monitoring, supervision of additional works, performance controlling, measurement, calculation and invoice controlling as well as accompaniment for acceptance and handover to the clients

Project management - the initiation, planning, managing, controlling and completion of projects.

Project management is subdivided into project definition, project execution and project completion. The goal is to plan and manage the project properly, to limit the risks, use opportunities and to achieve the project goals qualitatively, punctually and within budget.

For the realisation of your building project we can take over all building owner responsibilities that can be delegated. Our experience and competence guarantee you satisfactory progress of your project. The tailor-made project organisation and a precisely planned process at the same time as quality supervision are the basis for our success in this area. Through professional project preparation with an optimal process strategy we not only achieve short building periods but also avoid performance gaps. Controls during the awarding and settlement as well as the careful calculation of the costs secure the project budget and avoid unpleasant post-financing negotiations. Through well-defined requirements and clear performance descriptions we ensure that you are protected from unjustified claims.



  • Project service (building owner responsibilities that can be delegated)
  • Project organisation (documentation)
  • Schedule planning and management
  • Cost planning and control, financial resource planning
  • Quality planning, planning requirements
  • Tender and awarding management

Project management services include all organisational, legal, technical, economic and schedule-related tasks that are necessary for goal-oriented processing of a project, however they do not relieve the client of their managerial capacity. Project management thus first turns to clients who have their own expertise available.

Our project management assists you through proactive controlling and also the sound development of organisation, schedule and cost planning. As well as this our experts work with your project management to exercise all important controlling functions. Here we check all significant set points ourselves and show any deviations. We ensure the quality definition before and during the planning phase.



  • Project organisation (documentation)
  • Schedule management
  • Cost planning and management
  • Quality definition before and during the planning phase
  • Regular quality controlling during the building phase



There is often lucrative potential in many pieces of land and buildings or financially inestimable building projects, and this is worth finding and making use of. This is precisely where advice from BEUCON is useful. We initiate projects for you in that we develop ideas for your building projects which are oriented toward the market and planned usage. In this we analyse the location situation, develop suggestions for improvement and determine the application for potential subsidies.

We design, plan and manage the sustainable development of cities for you. In this our experts can in particular assist the developers and responsible authorities on a municipal level.

During the realisation of your project we plan and provide support for all the necessary building procedures as well as the site preparation and development. As part of the investor communication we identify all your project partners and coordinate the prepared concepts with them. Once all the framework conditions are fixed we implement the required building rights for you.  In this way your building project pays off for you in the long term.

For purchase and sale of real estate transparency and secured information are the basis for a successful transaction. We supply you with real data about the qualities and quantities of the property as well as all included potential for appreciation, but also about the possible risks and deal-breakers, and thus ensure long-term certainty.


The most decisive point in our analysis is always the objective which you are pursuing with the acquisition of a property. Our experts deliver reliable figures, estimations and assessments. As well as this, if required we can carry out analyses of contaminated sites and effects of energy ordinances, and estimation of the green building certificate.

Irrespective of whether it is for new or existing buildings: Strategically positioned and professionally implemented facility management ensures the long-term increase in profits and maintenance of value for your property. We evaluate the precise current state of your facility management, show you what action is necessary, evaluate planned measures from an economic point of view and integrate our many years of experience in planning, construction and operation. At the same time, together with your experts, we determine facility management strategies and build an efficient base of information which will subsequently be the basis for your future budget planning and management as well as controlling. From the resulting knowledge and your long-term goals we will together develop a sustainable and profitable facility management concept, the implementation of which will be planned from start to finish taking into account all operational tasks.



  • Organisation/process consultation
  • Planning and construction stage facility management
  • Cost optimisation and benchmarking
  • Facility management tendering and quality management audits
  • Green facility management and sustainability consulting

Reports - established flaws and damage detection

Damages as a result of usage, design or planning mistakes are occurring more and more frequently.  Reasons for discussion by all parties concerned are generally the culpability and extent of the building damages. An assessment creates clarity about often huge assets or long-term payment obligations. Here our building experts and building surveyors provide assistance with expertise and many years of experience. If required we can develop a renovation concept for you based on the report.

There is no clear distinction between a building flaw and structural damage. However from experience and practical experience in the building industry one can designate a building flaw as an early stage of structural damage.


We examine flaws and damages in buildings, and develop efficient and sustainable solutions to remedy the already present structural damage. We can also assist you with advice for new acquisition of real estate.


A report for the preservation of evidence documents the current structural constitution of a property. This voluntary report can be preservation of evidence for any later eventuating and undesired changes. This type of report can be arranged judicially but also privately. Typical situations are documentation of flaws for a rental relationship, the establishment of structural condition of a building or also the damaging influence of third parties (neighbouring construction, roadwork etc.) on a property.

We review and examine railway-specific building constructions and other civil engineering structures such as e.g. train station buildings, platform roofing, staircase housing and modular platforms with taking into account all railway-specific regulations as well as any additionally applicable technical guidelines.


Depending on requirements the review and examination can be a regular assessment: A main review every six years as a standard review. A secondary examination in the interim after three years is extra assessment. Under special conditions or as constant monitoring it can be carried out twice a year.


The building survey in accordance with DIN 1076 is primarily a purely visual survey which records the present or possible consequential damage and assesses them with regard to stability, road safety and durability. For buildings of engineering and bridge construction the review and monitoring in defined periods is compulsorily regulated by DIN 1076. Structures of the federal highway undergo a principle inspection every six years as well as a more basic examination every three years. Regular inspection of the static stability of building construction and structural engineering are part of the range of services of BEUCON GmbH.


It is useful to check a building for flaws or building damages before the end of the period of guarantee. In accordance with contractual agreements between the client and service provider the builder must assume a guarantee for the agreed upon services and their professional implementation over a certain period of time. In order to ensure the legal rights of the client it is therefore necessary to review the services rendered with regard to the obligatory quality standards. With our expert inspection possible structural complaints are recorded and documented, with which the client can assert these claims to the service provider.